Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Washington Post says The Perfect Workout's "Slow-motion strength training is hard — and fast."

Thanks to The Washington Post for choosing to feature us in an article that helps spread the message about Slow Motion Strength Training and its amazing results.

Here are the points from the article:

  • These training studios offer clients more of a personal training in a quiet, no-frills space filled with Nautilus equipment 
  • It's a complete workout in just two short sessions per week.

Here’s the drill: 
  • A high-intensity, low-impact program known as "slow-motion strength training"
  • Gradually lifting and releasing weights without the aid of rest or momentum brings muscles to exhaustion also known as “muscle success”.
  • It is extremely difficult but it’s also only a total of 20 minutes per session.
  • Though The Perfect Workout, a California-based outfit founded in 1999, is new to the East Coast, the Slow-motion strength training concept isn’t.
  • The Perfect Workout system cites principles outlined just over 30 years ago by fitness professional Ken Hutchins. 
  • In slowing down movements to safely train women with osteoporosis, Hutchins concluded that the technique builds muscle more effectively than conventional weight training.
  • The effectiveness of slow-motion strength training depends on the individual, according to Lee Jordan, a spokesman for the American Council on Exercise, but it offers a broad range of people a safe and viable program.
  • Like high-intensity interval training, Jordan says, it seeks to remove the top barrier to exercise: time. 
  • Unlike high-intensity interval training (“by its very nature, it’s extreme,” Jordan says), slow-motion strength training is accessible to anyone.
  • Practitioners of slow-motion strength training also satisfy their need for cardiovascular activity.
  • The key to an exercise routine is sticking to that routine. And The Perfect Workout's clients say this program works.
  • Clients love to hate slow-motion strength training but they keep coming back because they get results.
  • Slow-motion strength training practitioners often report better body composition plus lower blood sugar and cholesterol.
  • Slow-motion strength training may not be sexiest or most trendiest, but it gets the job done quicker and safer.
  • Many clients of an advanced age love the safety along with the added bone strength that slow-motion strength training offers.
  • Slow-motion training sessions come in several convenient packages. Some packages even help reduce osteoporosis and Type 2 Diabetes. 

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So, what do you think of slow-motion strength training? Share your thoughts below!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Meet Aja Bradley Personal Trainer at The Perfect Workout Newport Beach Studio

As a mother of three, Aja values the time efficiency of The Perfect Workout for her own workouts. As a personal trainer Newport Beach, she values how effective slow-motion strength training is at getting her clients their desired results.

For a busy mom with three kids, an hour in the gym is not realistic. That’s why Aja Bradley not only loves training her clients at The Perfect Workout, she’s also completely devoted to the 20-minute slow-motion strength training workouts herself. Growing up with three brothers, she played all the sports they played, and has always been interested in fitness. She’s done her share of weight lifting, even hiring a personal trainer at one point, but never quite like this. Since coming on board as a trainer in October of 2013 and starting this workout, she has more definition in her abs, arms, and everywhere, in a much shorter amount of time.

Once she went through The Perfect Workout’s rigorous training and certification program, Aja quickly started helping her clients get great results, too. “The thing I like most about training is the relationships with clients,” she says. “We’re going so slow that I have time to actually coach. I take the time to understand each person’s goals. That’s very important.” Clients regularly make comments like, “My clothes are fitting better,” “I’m getting stronger and can pick up my grandkids now,” and her favorite, “I arm wrestled my husband and he was surprised by how strong I was!” Aja’s style is a good mix of getting to know her clients on a very personal level, pushing them to full capacity during the workout, and maintaining a very upbeat, optimistic attitude.

Besides her work as a personal trainer, Aja writes for Independent films, and just produced her first one as well. She’s been acting and modeling since she was five, and you may have seen her in a Mad TV skit or in a commercial. There’s not a lot of spare time in the Bradley household, but if she had more she’d enjoy spending more time with her husband and working out with him since they work opposite schedules. For now, Aja’s goals are to stay in shape, keep setting an example for her kids, and for her first movie that she produced to do well. She’s excited to be part of The Perfect Workout team, and says, “I really like how everyone in the company looks out for one another. I love my clients and the people I work with.”

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